New Standard for Permanent

Permanent Makeup Blossom Cloud pursues is not just for cosmetic purpose.
It’s about covering up one’s complex.



We are Blossom Cloud,

to make a new standard for Permanent

We Blossom Cloud breaks the old frame of the conventional Permanent Makeup.
Offering the technology, experience, and education infrastructure of Korea’s Permanent Makeup
to create an environment for procedures and educations of Permanent Makeup is our duty and goal.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic makeup method of injecting exclusive coloring on the epidermis layer using a dedicated tool

  • Eyebrows
    The method of giving an effect of eyebrow makeup using a dedicated tool on the epidermis layer while considering the shape of the eyebrows, skin condition, and design.
  • Hairline
    The method of expressing long microbladed lines on the M-shaped forehead where it looks empty due to lacking amount of hair to adjust it to smooth and thick forehead line
  • Eye Line
    The method of expressing eye curves clear and lively by injecting coloring to the skinas if you were a makeupwithout actually wearing one
  • Lips
    The method of expressing lively lipsby injecting coloring to the skin Permanently without wearing a makeup.

Blossom Cloud’s Services

We have all Permanent-related solutions, from potential procedure clients, store management for the store founders, client data management service, to products for procedure/education.

  • Banban Market
    Permanent Cosmetics
    Products Commerce Website
  • Groud Step
    Permanent Online/Offline
    Class Platform
  • Banban Note
    Client/Sales Management
    CRM Service
  • Minnot Beauty Academy
    Korea’s largest Permanent Makeup
    procedure/class franchise

Investor & related parties


Future Play
We are invested by ‘FuturePlay’ the accelerator who invests on the start-ups that will change human’s life within 10 yearsto make it sustainable and make new business opportunities
The Invention Lab
We are invested by ‘The Invention Lab’ the Korea’s best solution advisorwho discovers promising domestic new start-ups and plan/develop/execute customized innovation process.
Related Parties
Skill-up education via our semi-permanent YouTube channel
Banban Market Live
Our own live show for
product use guide and education
Product education via social media live stream by
Korea’s must influential semi-permanent makeup influencer ’Muse’