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The trustable Permanent material store
that knows products and services the technicians longed for!

Banban Market sells the products
designed for Korea’s best technicians' needs.
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LIVE24 cloud offers livestreams by Muse that features product instructions and procedure tips which can attract clients’ interests.

Check out videos featuring product instruction and directors’ tips on Banban Store YouTube channel.
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to deliver correct information to the consumers.

the beginning of solid records
Banban Note

It is for client history data, sales, and even client management!
the [Client Management System] that significantly reduces the things on your nerve!

We made it, as technicians, to resolve technicians
troublesome or hard works we looked away from.

Trustable Semipermanent Classes are all here!
Ground Step

Specialized online/offline class,
from theories to practices

Students who wish to get proper courses

Masters who wish their classes would be taken by many people

It began with the thought, what would it be like
to make a semi-permanent makeup class that would resolve all these issues?

Online/offline class platform,
to bring a new influence to the semi-permanent makeup market

Variety of Classes
From semi-permanent makeup theories, drawing, to practices
systemized class that doesn’t miss a single point
Tips by Directors
From procedures to procedure directions
Classes full of details
Offers not just online classes, but direct demonstrations,
and even offline classes for adjustments
Classes wholeheartedly made by masters
The differences in masters make the differences in skills. This class is full of then GROUND STEP masters’ semi-ppermanent makeup technique
Skill improves on every class
You can feel the change in your skill the over each class, with the result showing the difference in the line intervals and hole positions.
Professional education with systematic curriculum
Systematic curriculum that doesn’t miss a single element on semi-permanent makeup theories, drawing, and practices