Leading for Complex Solution

Hair Loss

The hair loss market was set as our target for its high demands

We set 4T KRW for Korean, 25T KRW for Chinese, and 400T for the global hair loss market as our target

Skin Cover

Pregnancy, Delivery, weight gain, surgery/operation, scar/burn, leukoplakia, etc.

Extracted from the papers on the effect of micropigmentation

If the skin is whitened to an external factor, the procedural treatment shows little effect

The only microshading to cover up the complex

The born of the complex coverup microshading, the notable procedure for skin cover market
with the high demand of the hair loss market which are hardly treated with surgery.

The wired mode allows both charging/operation at the same time and the intercommunication between the handpiece and the control pad
A battery with
A highly-efficient lithium-polymer battery is included which allows a consecutive operation of 3 hours and 30 minutes and charging by plugging the back of the handpiece into the dock
13-Level Power
Simple gauge-bar design and number panel to confirm the current level. Softly rotating wheel design for intuitive design and better user experience
Pause feature
Instead of shutting it down to decrease efficiency, an automatic pause function designed to have the needle hidden for both efficiency and safety

Smart Handpiece,
the perfect partner
for microshading

Safe battery certified by CE and KC certificate and the needle with a traverse distance of at most 3.5mm
Silent, tremble-prevented microshading handpiece with high skin penetration/pigmentation

Exceeding the limit of offline education

Expensive exclusive product/education fee, technical education
that requires time and limit-exceeding education solution

Product and education services at the same time

Simply selling products isn’t our goal. We teach you the way to use them well via online education.

The Permanent Makeup
Blossom Cloud pursues isn’t just cosmetics
It’s about
covering up someone’s complex.

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