Semi-permanent makeup
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Anyone can learn beauty techniques
but not everyone learns them properly.
Minnot Bueaty Academy doesn’t just educate students general techniques but we teach the essential skills that students need by developing top educational service and professionals so that we can provide accurate information, useful know-how and vision. We believe the environment and the attitude towards the students are more important than the instructor’s ability.
The Goal is Standardization of Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy
I’ve started PMU (Semi/Permanent Makeup) Business because there was no platform for standardized education with the correct information. We believe Semi-Permanent Makeup business can make people’s lives easier and give confidence on their looks, and that’s how we got where we are right now with 20 Minnot Beauty Academy branches all over South Korea after 6 years in the business. We plan to be No.1 in the Semi-Permanent Makeup Market as Starbucks is No.1 in the Coffee Market, please join us as partners if you have a big dream as we do.
[Director Bomin Choi]
Picture of Director Bomin Choi holding Procedure
The Largest Semi-Permanent Makeup Franchises in Korea.