Semi-permanent makeup
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Anyone can learn beauty techniques
but not everyone learn them properly.
We don’t educate simple techniques, but from the concepts to the skin approach to tips from experiences.
The education direction Minnot Beauty Academy pursue is developing education service and experts for each element the students need to provide precise, proper knowledge, skills, and visions.
Surprisingly, the attitude towards the students and the environment is more important than the capacity of the instructor, and the instructor putting effort for the nature rather than the form makes the education more proper.
The Goal is Standardization of Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy
I’ve started Semi-Permanent with fear, with the burden that there is no platform for standardized education institute, with variety of correct information. During last 6 years, We’ve put effort thinking that semi-permanent can increase satisfaction in someone’s life, or make them feel disappointed. With the belief that we can make someone’s life better, we are running Minnot Beauty Academy with 20 partners. Join us, whom are dreaming of the Starbucks of Semi-permanent makeup, as partners who would complete the dream.
[Director Bomin Choi]
Picture of Director Bomin Choi holding Procedure
Koreas Largest Semi-permanent Makeup Franchise